Sancti Thomae Aquinatis

UTF-8 conversion functions designed for use in PHP-GTK apps Adam Rambousek - version history: 1.03 --- 12/02/2002 * added Win1257 support 1.02 --- 30/11/2001 * added ISO8859-1 support 1.01 * added Win1250 support 1.00 string to_utf8(string string [, string charset]) string from_utf8(string string [, string charset]) supported charsets: name of charset you must use in script ISO8859-2: iso2 (this is the default charset, you don't have to specify it) Windows1250: win1250 ISO8859-1: iso1 Windows1257: win1257 example: $new_string=to_utf8($some_string,"win1250"); */ /* translation table - actually, it's array where key is hexadecimal number of character in ISO8859-2/Windows1250 and value is its two byte representation in UTF-8 */ $iso2_utf8 = array( 0x80=>"\xc2\x80", 0x81=>"\xc2\x81", 0x82=>"\xc2\x82", 0x83=>"\xc2\x83", 0x84=>"\xc2\x84", 0x85=>"\xc2\x85", 0x86=>"\xc2\x86", 0x87=>"\xc2\x87", 0x88=>"\xc2\x88", 0x89=>"\xc2\x89", 0x8A=>"\xc2\x8a", 0x8B=>"\xc2\x8b", 0x8C=>"\xc2\x8c", 0x8D=>"\xc2\x8d", 0x8E=>"\xc2\x8e", 0x8F=>"\xc2\x8f", 0x90=>"\xc2\x90", 0x91=>"\xc2\x91", 0x92=>"\xc2\x92", 0x93=>"\xc2\x93", 0x94=>"\xc2\x94", 0x95=>"\xc2\x95", 0x96=>"\xc2\x96", 0x97=>"\xc2\x97", 0x98=>"\xc2\x98", 0x99=>"\xc2\x99", 0x9A=>"\xc2\x9a", 0x9B=>"\xc2\x9b", 0x9C=>"\xc2\x9c", 0x9D=>"\xc2\x9d", 0x9E=>"\xc2\x9e", 0x9F=>"\xc2\x9f", 0xA0=>"\xc2\xa0", 0xA1=>"\xc4\x84", 0xA2=>"\xcb\x98", 0xA3=>"\xc5\x81", 0xA4=>"\xc2\xa4", 0xA5=>"\xc4\xbd", 0xA6=>"\xc5\x9a", 0xA7=>"\xc2\xa7", 0xA8=>"\xc2\xa8", 0xA9=>"\xc5\xa0", 0xAA=>"\xc5\x9e", 0xAB=>"\xc5\xa4", 0xAC=>"\xc5\xb9", 0xAD=>"\xc2\xad", 0xAE=>"\xc5\xbd", 0xAF=>"\xc5\xbb", 0xB0=>"\xc2\xb0", 0xB1=>"\xc4\x85", 0xB2=>"\xcb\x9b", 0xB3=>"\xc5\x82", 0xB4=>"\xc2\xb4", 0xB5=>"\xc4\xbe", 0xB6=>"\xc5\x9b", 0xB7=>"\xcb\x87", 0xB8=>"\xc2\xb8", 0xB9=>"\xc5\xa1", 0xBA=>"\xc5\x9f", 0xBB=>"\xc5\xa5", 0xBC=>"\xc5\xba", 0xBD=>"\xcb\x9d", 0xBE=>"\xc5\xbe", 0xBF=>"\xc5\xbc", 0xC0=>"\xc5\x94", 0xC1=>"\xc3\x81", 0xC2=>"\xc3\x82", 0xC3=>"\xc4\x82", 0xC4=>"\xc3\x84", 0xC5=>"\xc4\xb9", 0xC6=>"\xc4\x86", 0xC7=>"\xc3\x87", 0xC8=>"\xc4\x8c", 0xC9=>"\xc3\x89", 0xCA=>"\xc4\x98", 0xCB=>"\xc3\x8b", 0xCC=>"\xc4\x9a", 0xCD=>"\xc3\x8d", 0xCE=>"\xc3\x8e", 0xCF=>"\xc4\x8e", 0xD0=>"\xc4\x90", 0xD1=>"\xc5\x83", 0xD2=>"\xc5\x87", 0xD3=>"\xc3\x93", 0xD4=>"\xc3\x94", 0xD5=>"\xc5\x90", 0xD6=>"\xc3\x96", 0xD7=>"\xc3\x97", 0xD8=>"\xc5\x98", 0xD9=>"\xc5\xae", 0xDA=>"\xc3\x9a", 0xDB=>"\xc5\xb0", 0xDC=>"\xc3\x9c", 0xDD=>"\xc3\x9d", 0xDE=>"\xc5\xa2", 0xDF=>"\xc3\x9f", 0xE0=>"\xc5\x95", 0xE1=>"\xc3\xa1", 0xE2=>"\xc3\xa2", 0xE3=>"\xc4\x83", 0xE4=>"\xc3\xa4", 0xE5=>"\xc4\xba", 0xE6=>"\xc4\x87", 0xE7=>"\xc3\xa7", 0xE8=>"\xc4\x8d", 0xE9=>"\xc3\xa9", 0xEA=>"\xc4\x99", 0xEB=>"\xc3\xab", 0xEC=>"\xc4\x9b", 0xED=>"\xc3\xad", 0xEE=>"\xc3\xae", 0xEF=>"\xc4\x8f", 0xF0=>"\xc4\x91", 0xF1=>"\xc5\x84", 0xF2=>"\xc5\x88", 0xF3=>"\xc3\xb3", 0xF4=>"\xc3\xb4", 0xF5=>"\xc5\x91", 0xF6=>"\xc3\xb6", 0xF7=>"\xc3\xb7", 0xF8=>"\xc5\x99", 0xF9=>"\xc5\xaf", 0xFA=>"\xc3\xba", 0xFB=>"\xc5\xb1", 0xFC=>"\xc3\xbc", 0xFD=>"\xc3\xbd", 0xFE=>"\xc5\xa3", 0xFF=>"\xcb\x99" ); $win1250_utf8 = array( 0x80=>"\xc2\x80", 0x81=>"\xc2\x81", 0x82=>"\x140\x9a", 0x83=>"\xc2\x83", 0x84=>"\x140\x9e", 0x85=>"\x140\xa6", 0x86=>"\x140\xa0", 0x87=>"\x140\xa1", 0x88=>"\xc2\x88", 0x89=>"\x140\xb0", 0x8a=>"\xc5\xa0", 0x8b=>"\x140\xb9", 0x8c=>"\xc5\x9a", 0x8d=>"\xc5\xa4", 0x8e=>"\xc5\xbd", 0x8f=>"\xc5\xb9", 0x90=>"\xc2\x90", 0x91=>"\x140\x98", 0x92=>"\x140\x99", 0x93=>"\x140\x9c", 0x94=>"\x140\x9d", 0x95=>"\x140\xa2", 0x96=>"\x140\x93", 0x97=>"\x140\x94", 0x98=>"\xc2\x98", 0x99=>"\x144\xa2", 0x9a=>"\xc5\xa1", 0x9b=>"\x140\xba", 0x9c=>"\xc5\x9b", 0x9d=>"\xc5\xa5", 0x9e=>"\xc5\xbe", 0x9f=>"\xc5\xba", 0xa0=>"\xc2\xa0", 0xa1=>"\xcb\x87", 0xa2=>"\xcb\x98", 0xa3=>"\xc5\x81", 0xa4=>"\xc2\xa4", 0xa5=>"\xc4\x84", 0xa6=>"\xc2\xa6", 0xa7=>"\xc2\xa7", 0xa8=>"\xc2\xa8", 0xa9=>"\xc2\xa9", 0xaa=>"\xc5\x9e", 0xab=>"\xc2\xab", 0xac=>"\xc2\xac", 0xad=>"\xc2\xad", 0xae=>"\xc2\xae", 0xaf=>"\xc5\xbb", 0xb0=>"\xc2\xb0", 0xb1=>"\xc2\xb1", 0xb2=>"\xcb\x9b", 0xb3=>"\xc5\x82", 0xb4=>"\xc2\xb4", 0xb5=>"\xc2\xb5", 0xb6=>"\xc2\xb6", 0xb7=>"\xc2\xb7", 0xb8=>"\xc2\xb8", 0xb9=>"\xc4\x85", 0xba=>"\xc5\x9f", 0xbb=>"\xc2\xbb", 0xbc=>"\xc4\xbd", 0xbd=>"\xcb\x9d", 0xbe=>"\xc4\xbe", 0xbf=>"\xc5\xbc", 0xc0=>"\xc5\x94", 0xc1=>"\xc3\x81", 0xc2=>"\xc3\x82", 0xc3=>"\xc4\x82", 0xc4=>"\xc3\x84", 0xc5=>"\xc4\xb9", 0xc6=>"\xc4\x86", 0xc7=>"\xc3\x87", 0xc8=>"\xc4\x8c", 0xc9=>"\xc3\x89", 0xca=>"\xc4\x98", 0xcb=>"\xc3\x8b", 0xcc=>"\xc4\x9a", 0xcd=>"\xc3\x8d", 0xce=>"\xc3\x8e", 0xcf=>"\xc4\x8e", 0xd0=>"\xc4\x90", 0xd1=>"\xc5\x83", 0xd2=>"\xc5\x87", 0xd3=>"\xc3\x93", 0xd4=>"\xc3\x94", 0xd5=>"\xc5\x90", 0xd6=>"\xc3\x96", 0xd7=>"\xc3\x97", 0xd8=>"\xc5\x98", 0xd9=>"\xc5\xae", 0xda=>"\xc3\x9a", 0xdb=>"\xc5\xb0", 0xdc=>"\xc3\x9c", 0xdd=>"\xc3\x9d", 0xde=>"\xc5\xa2", 0xdf=>"\xc3\x9f", 0xe0=>"\xc5\x95", 0xe1=>"\xc3\xa1", 0xe2=>"\xc3\xa2", 0xe3=>"\xc4\x83", 0xe4=>"\xc3\xa4", 0xe5=>"\xc4\xba", 0xe6=>"\xc4\x87", 0xe7=>"\xc3\xa7", 0xe8=>"\xc4\x8d", 0xe9=>"\xc3\xa9", 0xea=>"\xc4\x99", 0xeb=>"\xc3\xab", 0xec=>"\xc4\x9b", 0xed=>"\xc3\xad", 0xee=>"\xc3\xae", 0xef=>"\xc4\x8f", 0xf0=>"\xc4\x91", 0xf1=>"\xc5\x84", 0xf2=>"\xc5\x88", 0xf3=>"\xc3\xb3", 0xf4=>"\xc3\xb4", 0xf5=>"\xc5\x91", 0xf6=>"\xc3\xb6", 0xf7=>"\xc3\xb7", 0xf8=>"\xc5\x99", 0xf9=>"\xc5\xaf", 0xfa=>"\xc3\xba", 0xfb=>"\xc5\xb1", 0xfc=>"\xc3\xbc", 0xfd=>"\xc3\xbd", 0xfe=>"\xc5\xa3", 0xff=>"\xcb\x99" ); $iso1_utf8 = array( 0xA0=>"\xc2\xa0", 0xA1=>"\xc2\xa1", 0xA2=>"\xc2\xa2", 0xA3=>"\xc2\xa3", 0xA4=>"\xc2\xa4", 0xA5=>"\xc2\xa5", 0xA6=>"\xc2\xa6", 0xA7=>"\xc2\xa7", 0xA8=>"\xc2\xa8", 0xA9=>"\xc2\xa9", 0xAA=>"\xc2\xaa", 0xAB=>"\xc2\xab", 0xAC=>"\xc2\xac", 0xAD=>"\xc2\xad", 0xAE=>"\xc2\xae", 0xAF=>"\xc2\xaf", 0xB0=>"\xc2\xb0", 0xB1=>"\xc2\xb1", 0xB2=>"\xc2\xb2", 0xB3=>"\xc2\xb3", 0xB4=>"\xc2\xb4", 0xB5=>"\xc2\xb5", 0xB6=>"\xc2\xb6", 0xB7=>"\xc2\xb7", 0xB8=>"\xc2\xb8", 0xB9=>"\xc2\xb9", 0xBA=>"\xc2\xba", 0xBB=>"\xc2\xbb", 0xBC=>"\xc2\xbc", 0xBD=>"\xc2\xbd", 0xBE=>"\xc2\xbe", 0xBF=>"\xc2\xbf", 0xC0=>"\xc3\x80", 0xC1=>"\xc3\x81", 0xC2=>"\xc3\x82", 0xC3=>"\xc3\x83", 0xC4=>"\xc3\x84", 0xC5=>"\xc3\x85", 0xC6=>"\xc3\x86", 0xC7=>"\xc3\x87", 0xC8=>"\xc3\x88", 0xC9=>"\xc3\x89", 0xCA=>"\xc3\x8a", 0xCB=>"\xc3\x8b", 0xCC=>"\xc3\x8c", 0xCD=>"\xc3\x8d", 0xCE=>"\xc3\x8e", 0xCF=>"\xc3\x8f", 0xD0=>"\xc3\x90", 0xD1=>"\xc3\x91", 0xD2=>"\xc3\x92", 0xD3=>"\xc3\x93", 0xD4=>"\xc3\x94", 0xD5=>"\xc3\x95", 0xD6=>"\xc3\x96", 0xD7=>"\xc3\x97", 0xD8=>"\xc3\x98", 0xD9=>"\xc3\x99", 0xDA=>"\xc3\x9a", 0xDB=>"\xc3\x9b", 0xDC=>"\xc3\x9c", 0xDD=>"\xc3\x9d", 0xDE=>"\xc3\x9e", 0xDF=>"\xc3\x9f", 0xE0=>"\xc3\xa0", 0xE1=>"\xc3\xa1", 0xE2=>"\xc3\xa2", 0xE3=>"\xc3\xa3", 0xE4=>"\xc3\xa4", 0xE5=>"\xc3\xa5", 0xE6=>"\xc3\xa6", 0xE7=>"\xc3\xa7", 0xE8=>"\xc3\xa8", 0xE9=>"\xc3\xa9", 0xEA=>"\xc3\xaa", 0xEB=>"\xc3\xab", 0xEC=>"\xc3\xac", 0xED=>"\xc3\xad", 0xEE=>"\xc3\xae", 0xEF=>"\xc3\xaf", 0xF0=>"\xc3\xb0", 0xF1=>"\xc3\xb1", 0xF2=>"\xc3\xb2", 0xF3=>"\xc3\xb3", 0xF4=>"\xc3\xb4", 0xF5=>"\xc3\xb5", 0xF6=>"\xc3\xb6", 0xF7=>"\xc3\xb7", 0xF8=>"\xc3\xb8", 0xF9=>"\xc3\xb9", 0xFA=>"\xc3\xba", 0xFB=>"\xc3\xbb", 0xFC=>"\xc3\xbc", 0xFD=>"\xc3\xbd", 0xFE=>"\xc3\xbe" ); $win1257_utf8 = array( 0x80=>"\x142\xac", 0x81=>"\xc0\x4", 0x82=>"\x140\x9a", 0x83=>"\xc0\x4", 0x84=>"\x140\x9e", 0x85=>"\x140\xa6", 0x86=>"\x140\xa0", 0x87=>"\x140\xa1", 0x88=>"\xc0\x4", 0x89=>"\x140\xb0", 0x8A=>"\xc0\x4", 0x8B=>"\x140\xb9", 0x8C=>"\xc0\x4", 0x8D=>"\xc2\xa8", 0x8E=>"\xcb\x87", 0x8F=>"\xc2\xb8", 0x90=>"\xc0\x4", 0x91=>"\x140\x98", 0x92=>"\x140\x99", 0x93=>"\x140\x9c", 0x94=>"\x140\x9d", 0x95=>"\x140\xa2", 0x96=>"\x140\x93", 0x97=>"\x140\x94", 0x98=>"\xc0\x4", 0x99=>"\x144\xa2", 0x9A=>"\xc0\x4", 0x9B=>"\x140\xba", 0x9C=>"\xc0\x4", 0x9D=>"\xc2\xaf", 0x9E=>"\xcb\x9b", 0x9F=>"\xc0\x4", 0xA0=>"\xc2\xa0", 0xA1=>"\xc0\x4", 0xA2=>"\xc2\xa2", 0xA3=>"\xc2\xa3", 0xA4=>"\xc2\xa4", 0xA5=>"\xc0\x4", 0xA6=>"\xc2\xa6", 0xA7=>"\xc2\xa7", 0xA8=>"\xc3\x98", 0xA9=>"\xc2\xa9", 0xAA=>"\xc5\x96", 0xAB=>"\xc2\xab", 0xAC=>"\xc2\xac", 0xAD=>"\xc2\xad", 0xAE=>"\xc2\xae", 0xAF=>"\xc3\x86", 0xB0=>"\xc2\xb0", 0xB1=>"\xc2\xb1", 0xB2=>"\xc2\xb2", 0xB3=>"\xc2\xb3", 0xB4=>"\xc2\xb4", 0xB5=>"\xc2\xb5", 0xB6=>"\xc2\xb6", 0xB7=>"\xc2\xb7", 0xB8=>"\xc3\xb8", 0xB9=>"\xc2\xb9", 0xBA=>"\xc5\x97", 0xBB=>"\xc2\xbb", 0xBC=>"\xc2\xbc", 0xBD=>"\xc2\xbd", 0xBE=>"\xc2\xbe", 0xBF=>"\xc3\xa6", 0xC0=>"\xc4\x84", 0xC1=>"\xc4\xae", 0xC2=>"\xc4\x80", 0xC3=>"\xc4\x86", 0xC4=>"\xc3\x84", 0xC5=>"\xc3\x85", 0xC6=>"\xc4\x98", 0xC7=>"\xc4\x92", 0xC8=>"\xc4\x8c", 0xC9=>"\xc3\x89", 0xCA=>"\xc5\xb9", 0xCB=>"\xc4\x96", 0xCC=>"\xc4\xa2", 0xCD=>"\xc4\xb6", 0xCE=>"\xc4\xaa", 0xCF=>"\xc4\xbb", 0xD0=>"\xc5\xa0", 0xD1=>"\xc5\x83", 0xD2=>"\xc5\x85", 0xD3=>"\xc3\x93", 0xD4=>"\xc5\x8c", 0xD5=>"\xc3\x95", 0xD6=>"\xc3\x96", 0xD7=>"\xc3\x97", 0xD8=>"\xc5\xb2", 0xD9=>"\xc5\x81", 0xDA=>"\xc5\x9a", 0xDB=>"\xc5\xaa", 0xDC=>"\xc3\x9c", 0xDD=>"\xc5\xbb", 0xDE=>"\xc5\xbd", 0xDF=>"\xc3\x9f", 0xE0=>"\xc4\x85", 0xE1=>"\xc4\xaf", 0xE2=>"\xc4\x81", 0xE3=>"\xc4\x87", 0xE4=>"\xc3\xa4", 0xE5=>"\xc3\xa5", 0xE6=>"\xc4\x99", 0xE7=>"\xc4\x93", 0xE8=>"\xc4\x8d", 0xE9=>"\xc3\xa9", 0xEA=>"\xc5\xba", 0xEB=>"\xc4\x97", 0xEC=>"\xc4\xa3", 0xED=>"\xc4\xb7", 0xEE=>"\xc4\xab", 0xEF=>"\xc4\xbc", 0xF0=>"\xc5\xa1", 0xF1=>"\xc5\x84", 0xF2=>"\xc5\x86", 0xF3=>"\xc3\xb3", 0xF4=>"\xc5\x8d", 0xF5=>"\xc3\xb5", 0xF6=>"\xc3\xb6", 0xF7=>"\xc3\xb7", 0xF8=>"\xc5\xb3", 0xF9=>"\xc5\x82", 0xFA=>"\xc5\x9b", 0xFB=>"\xc5\xab", 0xFC=>"\xc3\xbc", 0xFD=>"\xc5\xbc", 0xFE=>"\xc5\xbe", 0xFF=>"\xcb\x99" ); /* function to convert to UTF-8 because characters numbered 0-127 are standard ASCII characters and are same in Unicode, we have to recode only higher characters function pass through the string and when it finds such character, it is replaced with UTF-8 two byte representation */ function to_utf8($string,$charset="iso2") { eval("global \$".$charset."_utf8;"); eval("\$coding=\$".$charset."_utf8;"); for ($i=0;$i127) { $string=substr($string,0,$i).$coding[ord($string[$i])].substr($string,++$i); } } return $string; } /* reverse function to convert from UTF-8 and again it pass through the string and when the two following bytes correspond to two byte combination given in translation array, these two characters are replaced with one character from given coding it takes the key returned by array_search() and since the key is the number of specific character, we can use chr() */ function from_utf8($string,$charset="iso2") { eval("global \$".$charset."_utf8;"); eval("\$coding=\$".$charset."_utf8;"); for ($i=0;$i

Pars Tertia


1. De convenientia incarnationis Christi.

2. De modo unionis Verbi incarnati quoad ipsam unionem.

3. De modo unionis ex parte personae assumentis.

4. De modo unionis ex parte naturae humanae assumptae.

5. De modo unionis ex parte partium humanae naturae.

6. De modo assumptionis quantum ad ordinem.

7. De coassumptis a filio Dei in humana natura pertinentibus ad perfectionem scilicet de gratis Christi prout est singularis homo.

8. De gratis Christi secundum quod est caput ecclesiae.

9. De coassumptis a filio Dei in natura humana pertinentibus ad perfectionem scilicet de scientia Christi in communi.

10. De scientia beata quae pertinet ad animatu Christi.

11. De scientia indita vel infusa animae Christi.

12. De scientia animae Christi acquisita vel experimentali.

13. De potentia animae Christi.

14. De defectibus quos Christus in humana natura assumpsit quantum ad corpus.

15. De defectibus quos Christus assumpsit in humana natura quantum ad animatu.

16. De his quae eonsequuntur unionem quantum ad ea, quae conveniunt Christo secundum se.

17. De his quae pertinent ad unitatem Christi quantum ad esse.

18. De his quae pertinent ad unitatem Christi quantum ad voluntatem.

19. De his quae pertinent ad unitatem quantum ad operationem Christi.

20. De his quae conveniunt Christo secundum subiectionem eius ad patrem.

21. De oratione Christi.

22. De sacerdotio Christi.

23. De adoptione Christi.

24. De praedestinatione Christi.

25. De adoratione Christi.

26. De hoc quod Christus dicitur Dei et hominum mediator.

27. De sanctificatione beatae Virginis.

28. De virginitate Beatae Mariae.

29. De desponsatione matris Dei.

30. De annuntiatione beatae Virginis.

31. De conceptione Salvatoris quantum ad materiam de qua corpus eius est conceptum.

32. De conceptione Christi quantum ad principium activum.

33. De modo et ordine conceptionis Christi.

34. De perfectione prolil conceptae.

35. De nativitate Salvatoria.

36. De manifestatione Christi nati.

37. De legalibus circa puerum Iesum observatis.

38. De baptismo Ioannis.

39. De baptizatione Christi.

40. De modo conversationis Christi.

41. De tentatione Christi.

42. De doctrina Christi.

43. De miraculis a Christo factis in generali.

44. De miraculis Christi in speciali.

45. De transfiguratione Christi.

46. De passione Christi.

47. De causa efliciente passionis Christi.

48. De modo effciendi passionem Christi.

49. De effectibus passionis Christi.

50. De morte Christi.

51. De sepultura Christi.

52. De descensu Christi ad inferos.

53. De resurrectione Christi.

54. De qualitate Christi resurgentis.

55. De manifestatione resurrectionis.

56. De causalitate resurrectionis Christi.

57. De ascensione Christi.

58. De sessione Christi ad dexteram patris.

59. De iudiciaria potestate Christi.

60. De sacramentis quid sit sacramentum.

61. De necessitate sacramentorum.

62. De effectu principali sacramentorum qui est gratia.

63. De effectu sacramentorum qui est character.

64. De causa sacramentorum.

65. De numero et modo sacramentorum.

66. De sacramento baptismi quantum ad ea quae ad ipsum pertinent.

67. De ministris baptismatis.

68. De suscipientibus baptismum.

69. De effectibus baptismi.

70. De circumcisione quae praecessit baptismum.

71. De praeparatoriis quae concurrunt simul cum baptismo.

72. De sacramento confirmationis.

73. De sacramento eucharistiae.

74. De materia eueharistiae secundum speciem.

75. De conversione panic et vini in corpus et sanguinem Christi.

76. De modo quo corpus Christi existit in hoc sacramento.

77. De accidentibus remanentibus in hoc sacramento.

78. De forma huius sacramenti.

79. De effectibus huius sacramenti.

80. De usu sive sumptione huius sacramenti in communi.

81. De usu quo Christus usus est isto sacramento.

82. De ministris huius sacramenti.

83. De ritu huius sacramenti.

84. De sacramento poenitentiae.

85. De poenitentia secundum quod est virtus.

86. De defectu poenitentiae.

87. De remissione venialium peccatorum.

88. De reditu peccatorum per poenitentiam dimissorum.

89. De recuperatione virtutum per poenitentiam.

90. De partibus poenitentiae in generali.

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