Sancti Thomae Aquinatis

UTF-8 conversion functions designed for use in PHP-GTK apps Adam Rambousek - version history: 1.03 --- 12/02/2002 * added Win1257 support 1.02 --- 30/11/2001 * added ISO8859-1 support 1.01 * added Win1250 support 1.00 string to_utf8(string string [, string charset]) string from_utf8(string string [, string charset]) supported charsets: name of charset you must use in script ISO8859-2: iso2 (this is the default charset, you don't have to specify it) Windows1250: win1250 ISO8859-1: iso1 Windows1257: win1257 example: $new_string=to_utf8($some_string,"win1250"); */ /* translation table - actually, it's array where key is hexadecimal number of character in ISO8859-2/Windows1250 and value is its two byte representation in UTF-8 */ $iso2_utf8 = array( 0x80=>"\xc2\x80", 0x81=>"\xc2\x81", 0x82=>"\xc2\x82", 0x83=>"\xc2\x83", 0x84=>"\xc2\x84", 0x85=>"\xc2\x85", 0x86=>"\xc2\x86", 0x87=>"\xc2\x87", 0x88=>"\xc2\x88", 0x89=>"\xc2\x89", 0x8A=>"\xc2\x8a", 0x8B=>"\xc2\x8b", 0x8C=>"\xc2\x8c", 0x8D=>"\xc2\x8d", 0x8E=>"\xc2\x8e", 0x8F=>"\xc2\x8f", 0x90=>"\xc2\x90", 0x91=>"\xc2\x91", 0x92=>"\xc2\x92", 0x93=>"\xc2\x93", 0x94=>"\xc2\x94", 0x95=>"\xc2\x95", 0x96=>"\xc2\x96", 0x97=>"\xc2\x97", 0x98=>"\xc2\x98", 0x99=>"\xc2\x99", 0x9A=>"\xc2\x9a", 0x9B=>"\xc2\x9b", 0x9C=>"\xc2\x9c", 0x9D=>"\xc2\x9d", 0x9E=>"\xc2\x9e", 0x9F=>"\xc2\x9f", 0xA0=>"\xc2\xa0", 0xA1=>"\xc4\x84", 0xA2=>"\xcb\x98", 0xA3=>"\xc5\x81", 0xA4=>"\xc2\xa4", 0xA5=>"\xc4\xbd", 0xA6=>"\xc5\x9a", 0xA7=>"\xc2\xa7", 0xA8=>"\xc2\xa8", 0xA9=>"\xc5\xa0", 0xAA=>"\xc5\x9e", 0xAB=>"\xc5\xa4", 0xAC=>"\xc5\xb9", 0xAD=>"\xc2\xad", 0xAE=>"\xc5\xbd", 0xAF=>"\xc5\xbb", 0xB0=>"\xc2\xb0", 0xB1=>"\xc4\x85", 0xB2=>"\xcb\x9b", 0xB3=>"\xc5\x82", 0xB4=>"\xc2\xb4", 0xB5=>"\xc4\xbe", 0xB6=>"\xc5\x9b", 0xB7=>"\xcb\x87", 0xB8=>"\xc2\xb8", 0xB9=>"\xc5\xa1", 0xBA=>"\xc5\x9f", 0xBB=>"\xc5\xa5", 0xBC=>"\xc5\xba", 0xBD=>"\xcb\x9d", 0xBE=>"\xc5\xbe", 0xBF=>"\xc5\xbc", 0xC0=>"\xc5\x94", 0xC1=>"\xc3\x81", 0xC2=>"\xc3\x82", 0xC3=>"\xc4\x82", 0xC4=>"\xc3\x84", 0xC5=>"\xc4\xb9", 0xC6=>"\xc4\x86", 0xC7=>"\xc3\x87", 0xC8=>"\xc4\x8c", 0xC9=>"\xc3\x89", 0xCA=>"\xc4\x98", 0xCB=>"\xc3\x8b", 0xCC=>"\xc4\x9a", 0xCD=>"\xc3\x8d", 0xCE=>"\xc3\x8e", 0xCF=>"\xc4\x8e", 0xD0=>"\xc4\x90", 0xD1=>"\xc5\x83", 0xD2=>"\xc5\x87", 0xD3=>"\xc3\x93", 0xD4=>"\xc3\x94", 0xD5=>"\xc5\x90", 0xD6=>"\xc3\x96", 0xD7=>"\xc3\x97", 0xD8=>"\xc5\x98", 0xD9=>"\xc5\xae", 0xDA=>"\xc3\x9a", 0xDB=>"\xc5\xb0", 0xDC=>"\xc3\x9c", 0xDD=>"\xc3\x9d", 0xDE=>"\xc5\xa2", 0xDF=>"\xc3\x9f", 0xE0=>"\xc5\x95", 0xE1=>"\xc3\xa1", 0xE2=>"\xc3\xa2", 0xE3=>"\xc4\x83", 0xE4=>"\xc3\xa4", 0xE5=>"\xc4\xba", 0xE6=>"\xc4\x87", 0xE7=>"\xc3\xa7", 0xE8=>"\xc4\x8d", 0xE9=>"\xc3\xa9", 0xEA=>"\xc4\x99", 0xEB=>"\xc3\xab", 0xEC=>"\xc4\x9b", 0xED=>"\xc3\xad", 0xEE=>"\xc3\xae", 0xEF=>"\xc4\x8f", 0xF0=>"\xc4\x91", 0xF1=>"\xc5\x84", 0xF2=>"\xc5\x88", 0xF3=>"\xc3\xb3", 0xF4=>"\xc3\xb4", 0xF5=>"\xc5\x91", 0xF6=>"\xc3\xb6", 0xF7=>"\xc3\xb7", 0xF8=>"\xc5\x99", 0xF9=>"\xc5\xaf", 0xFA=>"\xc3\xba", 0xFB=>"\xc5\xb1", 0xFC=>"\xc3\xbc", 0xFD=>"\xc3\xbd", 0xFE=>"\xc5\xa3", 0xFF=>"\xcb\x99" ); $win1250_utf8 = array( 0x80=>"\xc2\x80", 0x81=>"\xc2\x81", 0x82=>"\x140\x9a", 0x83=>"\xc2\x83", 0x84=>"\x140\x9e", 0x85=>"\x140\xa6", 0x86=>"\x140\xa0", 0x87=>"\x140\xa1", 0x88=>"\xc2\x88", 0x89=>"\x140\xb0", 0x8a=>"\xc5\xa0", 0x8b=>"\x140\xb9", 0x8c=>"\xc5\x9a", 0x8d=>"\xc5\xa4", 0x8e=>"\xc5\xbd", 0x8f=>"\xc5\xb9", 0x90=>"\xc2\x90", 0x91=>"\x140\x98", 0x92=>"\x140\x99", 0x93=>"\x140\x9c", 0x94=>"\x140\x9d", 0x95=>"\x140\xa2", 0x96=>"\x140\x93", 0x97=>"\x140\x94", 0x98=>"\xc2\x98", 0x99=>"\x144\xa2", 0x9a=>"\xc5\xa1", 0x9b=>"\x140\xba", 0x9c=>"\xc5\x9b", 0x9d=>"\xc5\xa5", 0x9e=>"\xc5\xbe", 0x9f=>"\xc5\xba", 0xa0=>"\xc2\xa0", 0xa1=>"\xcb\x87", 0xa2=>"\xcb\x98", 0xa3=>"\xc5\x81", 0xa4=>"\xc2\xa4", 0xa5=>"\xc4\x84", 0xa6=>"\xc2\xa6", 0xa7=>"\xc2\xa7", 0xa8=>"\xc2\xa8", 0xa9=>"\xc2\xa9", 0xaa=>"\xc5\x9e", 0xab=>"\xc2\xab", 0xac=>"\xc2\xac", 0xad=>"\xc2\xad", 0xae=>"\xc2\xae", 0xaf=>"\xc5\xbb", 0xb0=>"\xc2\xb0", 0xb1=>"\xc2\xb1", 0xb2=>"\xcb\x9b", 0xb3=>"\xc5\x82", 0xb4=>"\xc2\xb4", 0xb5=>"\xc2\xb5", 0xb6=>"\xc2\xb6", 0xb7=>"\xc2\xb7", 0xb8=>"\xc2\xb8", 0xb9=>"\xc4\x85", 0xba=>"\xc5\x9f", 0xbb=>"\xc2\xbb", 0xbc=>"\xc4\xbd", 0xbd=>"\xcb\x9d", 0xbe=>"\xc4\xbe", 0xbf=>"\xc5\xbc", 0xc0=>"\xc5\x94", 0xc1=>"\xc3\x81", 0xc2=>"\xc3\x82", 0xc3=>"\xc4\x82", 0xc4=>"\xc3\x84", 0xc5=>"\xc4\xb9", 0xc6=>"\xc4\x86", 0xc7=>"\xc3\x87", 0xc8=>"\xc4\x8c", 0xc9=>"\xc3\x89", 0xca=>"\xc4\x98", 0xcb=>"\xc3\x8b", 0xcc=>"\xc4\x9a", 0xcd=>"\xc3\x8d", 0xce=>"\xc3\x8e", 0xcf=>"\xc4\x8e", 0xd0=>"\xc4\x90", 0xd1=>"\xc5\x83", 0xd2=>"\xc5\x87", 0xd3=>"\xc3\x93", 0xd4=>"\xc3\x94", 0xd5=>"\xc5\x90", 0xd6=>"\xc3\x96", 0xd7=>"\xc3\x97", 0xd8=>"\xc5\x98", 0xd9=>"\xc5\xae", 0xda=>"\xc3\x9a", 0xdb=>"\xc5\xb0", 0xdc=>"\xc3\x9c", 0xdd=>"\xc3\x9d", 0xde=>"\xc5\xa2", 0xdf=>"\xc3\x9f", 0xe0=>"\xc5\x95", 0xe1=>"\xc3\xa1", 0xe2=>"\xc3\xa2", 0xe3=>"\xc4\x83", 0xe4=>"\xc3\xa4", 0xe5=>"\xc4\xba", 0xe6=>"\xc4\x87", 0xe7=>"\xc3\xa7", 0xe8=>"\xc4\x8d", 0xe9=>"\xc3\xa9", 0xea=>"\xc4\x99", 0xeb=>"\xc3\xab", 0xec=>"\xc4\x9b", 0xed=>"\xc3\xad", 0xee=>"\xc3\xae", 0xef=>"\xc4\x8f", 0xf0=>"\xc4\x91", 0xf1=>"\xc5\x84", 0xf2=>"\xc5\x88", 0xf3=>"\xc3\xb3", 0xf4=>"\xc3\xb4", 0xf5=>"\xc5\x91", 0xf6=>"\xc3\xb6", 0xf7=>"\xc3\xb7", 0xf8=>"\xc5\x99", 0xf9=>"\xc5\xaf", 0xfa=>"\xc3\xba", 0xfb=>"\xc5\xb1", 0xfc=>"\xc3\xbc", 0xfd=>"\xc3\xbd", 0xfe=>"\xc5\xa3", 0xff=>"\xcb\x99" ); $iso1_utf8 = array( 0xA0=>"\xc2\xa0", 0xA1=>"\xc2\xa1", 0xA2=>"\xc2\xa2", 0xA3=>"\xc2\xa3", 0xA4=>"\xc2\xa4", 0xA5=>"\xc2\xa5", 0xA6=>"\xc2\xa6", 0xA7=>"\xc2\xa7", 0xA8=>"\xc2\xa8", 0xA9=>"\xc2\xa9", 0xAA=>"\xc2\xaa", 0xAB=>"\xc2\xab", 0xAC=>"\xc2\xac", 0xAD=>"\xc2\xad", 0xAE=>"\xc2\xae", 0xAF=>"\xc2\xaf", 0xB0=>"\xc2\xb0", 0xB1=>"\xc2\xb1", 0xB2=>"\xc2\xb2", 0xB3=>"\xc2\xb3", 0xB4=>"\xc2\xb4", 0xB5=>"\xc2\xb5", 0xB6=>"\xc2\xb6", 0xB7=>"\xc2\xb7", 0xB8=>"\xc2\xb8", 0xB9=>"\xc2\xb9", 0xBA=>"\xc2\xba", 0xBB=>"\xc2\xbb", 0xBC=>"\xc2\xbc", 0xBD=>"\xc2\xbd", 0xBE=>"\xc2\xbe", 0xBF=>"\xc2\xbf", 0xC0=>"\xc3\x80", 0xC1=>"\xc3\x81", 0xC2=>"\xc3\x82", 0xC3=>"\xc3\x83", 0xC4=>"\xc3\x84", 0xC5=>"\xc3\x85", 0xC6=>"\xc3\x86", 0xC7=>"\xc3\x87", 0xC8=>"\xc3\x88", 0xC9=>"\xc3\x89", 0xCA=>"\xc3\x8a", 0xCB=>"\xc3\x8b", 0xCC=>"\xc3\x8c", 0xCD=>"\xc3\x8d", 0xCE=>"\xc3\x8e", 0xCF=>"\xc3\x8f", 0xD0=>"\xc3\x90", 0xD1=>"\xc3\x91", 0xD2=>"\xc3\x92", 0xD3=>"\xc3\x93", 0xD4=>"\xc3\x94", 0xD5=>"\xc3\x95", 0xD6=>"\xc3\x96", 0xD7=>"\xc3\x97", 0xD8=>"\xc3\x98", 0xD9=>"\xc3\x99", 0xDA=>"\xc3\x9a", 0xDB=>"\xc3\x9b", 0xDC=>"\xc3\x9c", 0xDD=>"\xc3\x9d", 0xDE=>"\xc3\x9e", 0xDF=>"\xc3\x9f", 0xE0=>"\xc3\xa0", 0xE1=>"\xc3\xa1", 0xE2=>"\xc3\xa2", 0xE3=>"\xc3\xa3", 0xE4=>"\xc3\xa4", 0xE5=>"\xc3\xa5", 0xE6=>"\xc3\xa6", 0xE7=>"\xc3\xa7", 0xE8=>"\xc3\xa8", 0xE9=>"\xc3\xa9", 0xEA=>"\xc3\xaa", 0xEB=>"\xc3\xab", 0xEC=>"\xc3\xac", 0xED=>"\xc3\xad", 0xEE=>"\xc3\xae", 0xEF=>"\xc3\xaf", 0xF0=>"\xc3\xb0", 0xF1=>"\xc3\xb1", 0xF2=>"\xc3\xb2", 0xF3=>"\xc3\xb3", 0xF4=>"\xc3\xb4", 0xF5=>"\xc3\xb5", 0xF6=>"\xc3\xb6", 0xF7=>"\xc3\xb7", 0xF8=>"\xc3\xb8", 0xF9=>"\xc3\xb9", 0xFA=>"\xc3\xba", 0xFB=>"\xc3\xbb", 0xFC=>"\xc3\xbc", 0xFD=>"\xc3\xbd", 0xFE=>"\xc3\xbe" ); $win1257_utf8 = array( 0x80=>"\x142\xac", 0x81=>"\xc0\x4", 0x82=>"\x140\x9a", 0x83=>"\xc0\x4", 0x84=>"\x140\x9e", 0x85=>"\x140\xa6", 0x86=>"\x140\xa0", 0x87=>"\x140\xa1", 0x88=>"\xc0\x4", 0x89=>"\x140\xb0", 0x8A=>"\xc0\x4", 0x8B=>"\x140\xb9", 0x8C=>"\xc0\x4", 0x8D=>"\xc2\xa8", 0x8E=>"\xcb\x87", 0x8F=>"\xc2\xb8", 0x90=>"\xc0\x4", 0x91=>"\x140\x98", 0x92=>"\x140\x99", 0x93=>"\x140\x9c", 0x94=>"\x140\x9d", 0x95=>"\x140\xa2", 0x96=>"\x140\x93", 0x97=>"\x140\x94", 0x98=>"\xc0\x4", 0x99=>"\x144\xa2", 0x9A=>"\xc0\x4", 0x9B=>"\x140\xba", 0x9C=>"\xc0\x4", 0x9D=>"\xc2\xaf", 0x9E=>"\xcb\x9b", 0x9F=>"\xc0\x4", 0xA0=>"\xc2\xa0", 0xA1=>"\xc0\x4", 0xA2=>"\xc2\xa2", 0xA3=>"\xc2\xa3", 0xA4=>"\xc2\xa4", 0xA5=>"\xc0\x4", 0xA6=>"\xc2\xa6", 0xA7=>"\xc2\xa7", 0xA8=>"\xc3\x98", 0xA9=>"\xc2\xa9", 0xAA=>"\xc5\x96", 0xAB=>"\xc2\xab", 0xAC=>"\xc2\xac", 0xAD=>"\xc2\xad", 0xAE=>"\xc2\xae", 0xAF=>"\xc3\x86", 0xB0=>"\xc2\xb0", 0xB1=>"\xc2\xb1", 0xB2=>"\xc2\xb2", 0xB3=>"\xc2\xb3", 0xB4=>"\xc2\xb4", 0xB5=>"\xc2\xb5", 0xB6=>"\xc2\xb6", 0xB7=>"\xc2\xb7", 0xB8=>"\xc3\xb8", 0xB9=>"\xc2\xb9", 0xBA=>"\xc5\x97", 0xBB=>"\xc2\xbb", 0xBC=>"\xc2\xbc", 0xBD=>"\xc2\xbd", 0xBE=>"\xc2\xbe", 0xBF=>"\xc3\xa6", 0xC0=>"\xc4\x84", 0xC1=>"\xc4\xae", 0xC2=>"\xc4\x80", 0xC3=>"\xc4\x86", 0xC4=>"\xc3\x84", 0xC5=>"\xc3\x85", 0xC6=>"\xc4\x98", 0xC7=>"\xc4\x92", 0xC8=>"\xc4\x8c", 0xC9=>"\xc3\x89", 0xCA=>"\xc5\xb9", 0xCB=>"\xc4\x96", 0xCC=>"\xc4\xa2", 0xCD=>"\xc4\xb6", 0xCE=>"\xc4\xaa", 0xCF=>"\xc4\xbb", 0xD0=>"\xc5\xa0", 0xD1=>"\xc5\x83", 0xD2=>"\xc5\x85", 0xD3=>"\xc3\x93", 0xD4=>"\xc5\x8c", 0xD5=>"\xc3\x95", 0xD6=>"\xc3\x96", 0xD7=>"\xc3\x97", 0xD8=>"\xc5\xb2", 0xD9=>"\xc5\x81", 0xDA=>"\xc5\x9a", 0xDB=>"\xc5\xaa", 0xDC=>"\xc3\x9c", 0xDD=>"\xc5\xbb", 0xDE=>"\xc5\xbd", 0xDF=>"\xc3\x9f", 0xE0=>"\xc4\x85", 0xE1=>"\xc4\xaf", 0xE2=>"\xc4\x81", 0xE3=>"\xc4\x87", 0xE4=>"\xc3\xa4", 0xE5=>"\xc3\xa5", 0xE6=>"\xc4\x99", 0xE7=>"\xc4\x93", 0xE8=>"\xc4\x8d", 0xE9=>"\xc3\xa9", 0xEA=>"\xc5\xba", 0xEB=>"\xc4\x97", 0xEC=>"\xc4\xa3", 0xED=>"\xc4\xb7", 0xEE=>"\xc4\xab", 0xEF=>"\xc4\xbc", 0xF0=>"\xc5\xa1", 0xF1=>"\xc5\x84", 0xF2=>"\xc5\x86", 0xF3=>"\xc3\xb3", 0xF4=>"\xc5\x8d", 0xF5=>"\xc3\xb5", 0xF6=>"\xc3\xb6", 0xF7=>"\xc3\xb7", 0xF8=>"\xc5\xb3", 0xF9=>"\xc5\x82", 0xFA=>"\xc5\x9b", 0xFB=>"\xc5\xab", 0xFC=>"\xc3\xbc", 0xFD=>"\xc5\xbc", 0xFE=>"\xc5\xbe", 0xFF=>"\xcb\x99" ); /* function to convert to UTF-8 because characters numbered 0-127 are standard ASCII characters and are same in Unicode, we have to recode only higher characters function pass through the string and when it finds such character, it is replaced with UTF-8 two byte representation */ function to_utf8($string,$charset="iso2") { eval("global \$".$charset."_utf8;"); eval("\$coding=\$".$charset."_utf8;"); for ($i=0;$i127) { $string=substr($string,0,$i).$coding[ord($string[$i])].substr($string,++$i); } } return $string; } /* reverse function to convert from UTF-8 and again it pass through the string and when the two following bytes correspond to two byte combination given in translation array, these two characters are replaced with one character from given coding it takes the key returned by array_search() and since the key is the number of specific character, we can use chr() */ function from_utf8($string,$charset="iso2") { eval("global \$".$charset."_utf8;"); eval("\$coding=\$".$charset."_utf8;"); for ($i=0;$i

Pars Prima


1. De sacra doctrina, qualis sit, et ad quae se extendat, in decem articulos divisa.

2. De Deo an sit.

3. De simplicitate Dei.

4. De perfectione Dei.

5. De bono in communi.

6. De bonitate Dei.

7. De infinitate Dei.

8. De existentia Dei in rebus.

9. De immutatabilitate Dei.

10. De aeternitate Dei.

11. De unitate Divina.

12. De cognitione, et visione Dei.

13. De nominibus Dei.

14. De scientia Dei.

15. De ideis.

16. De veritate.

17. De falsitate.

18. De vita Dei.

19. De voluntate Dei.

20. De amore Dei.

21. De justitia, et misericordia Dei.

22. De providentia Dei.

23. De praedestinatione Dei.

24. De libro vitae.

25. De potentia Dei.

26. De beatitudine Dei.

27. De processione, seu origine divinarum personarum.

28. De relationibus divinis.

29. De Personis divinis.

30. De pluralitate personarum in divinis.

31. De his quae pertinent in divinis ad unitatem, vel pluralitatem personarum.

32. De cognitione divinarum personarum.

33. De his quae pertinent ad personam Patris.

34. De Verbo in divinis.

35. De hoc nomine Filii, quod est imago.

36. De pertinentibus ad nomen Spiritus Sancti.

37. De nomine Spiritus Sancti, quod est amor.

38. De nomine Spiritus Sancti, quod est donum.

39. De personis in comparatione ad essentiam.

40. De personis in comparatione ad relationes, sive proprietates.

41. De personis per comparationem ad actus notionales.

42. De aequalitate, et similitudine divinarum personarum ad invicem.

43. De missione divinarum personarum.

44. De prima causa omnium entium.

45. De creatione.

46. De principio durationis rerum creatarum.

47. De distinctione rerum in communi.

48. De distinctione rerum in speciali, et primo de malo.

49. De causa mali.

50. De substantia Angelorum absolute.

51. De angelis in comparatione ad corpus.

52. De angelis in comparatione ad locum.

53. De motu locali angelorum.

54. De virtute cognoscitiva angeli.

55. De medio cognitionis angelicae.

56. De cognitione angelica ex parte rerum immaterialium.

57. De cognitione angelorum quantum ad res materiales.

58. De modo cognitionis angelicae.

59. De voluntate angelorum.

60. De amore, seu dilectione angelorum.

61. De productione angelorum in esse naturae.

62. De productione angeli in esse gratiae, et gloriae.

63. De malitia angelorum quoad culpam.

64. De poena daemonum.

65. De opere creationis quod creaturam corporalem.

66. De ordine creationis ad distinctionem.

67. De opere distinctionis primae diei.

68. De opere secundae diei.

69. De opere tertiae diei.

70. De opere ornatus quarta die facto.

71. De opere quintae diei.

72. De opere sextae diei.

73. De pertinentibus ad diem septimam.

74. De omnibus septem diebus in communi.

75. De homine quantum ad essentiam animae.

76. De unione animae ad corpus.

77. De his, quae pertinent ad potentias animae in generali.

78. De potentiis animae in speciali, et primo de iis, quae sunt praembula ad intellectum.

79. De potentiis intellectivis.

80. De appetitu in communi.

81. De sensualitate.

82. De voluntate.

83. De libero arbitrio.

84. Quomodo anima corpori unita intelligat corporalia, quae sunt infra ipsam.

85. De modo, et ordine intelligendi.

86. Quid intellectus hominis cognoscat in rebus corporalibus, et materialibus.

87. Quomodo anima intellectiva cognoscat seipsam, et ea, quae in ea sunt.

88. Quomodo anima humana cognoscat ea, quae sunt supra se.

89. De cognitione animae separatae.

90. De productione hominis quantum ad animam.

91. De productione corporis primi hominis.

92. De productione mulieris.

93. De fine, sive termino productionis hominis, prout dicitur factus ad imaginem, et similitudinem Dei.

94. De statu, vel conditione primi hominis quoad intellectum.

95. De his, quae pertinent ad voluntatem primi hominis, scilicet de gratia et virtute, et justitia.

96. De domino, quod homini competebat in statu innocentiae.

97. De his, quae pertinent ad statum primi hominis, quantum ad conservationem individui.

98. De his, quae pertinent ad conservationem speciei per generationem.

99. De conditione prolis generandae quantum ad corpus in illo statu.

100. De conditione prolis tunc generadae quod justitiam.

101. De conditione prolis tunc generandae quod scientiam.

102. De loco producti hominis, qui est paradisus.

103. De gubernatione rerum in communi.

104. De effectibus divinae gubernationi in specialis.

105. De mutatione creaturam a Deo.

106. De actu angelorum, qui est ivicem illuminare.

107. De locutione angelorum.

108. De ordinatione angelorum secundum hierarchiae, et ordines.

109. De ordine malorum angelorum, scilicet daemonum.

110. De praesidentia angelorum super corporalem creaturam.

111. De actione angelorum in homines.

112. De missione angelorum ad hominis.

113. De custodia hominum a bonis angelis.

114. De impugnatione daemonum.

115. De actione corporalis creaturae.

116. De Fato.

117. De his, quae pertinent ad actionem hominis.

118. De traductione hominis ex hominae quantum ad animam.

119. De propagatione hominis quantum ad corpus.

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